It's not about finding the answers; 
it's about phrasing more interesting questions.

Fly is a playwright, dramaturg, and musician.
contact fly at flysteffens(at)gmail(dot)com

BA Playwriting and Dramaturgy: 
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2012

MFA Generative Dramaturgy
University of Arizona 2019

Current Projects:

BELL AND BLISS - Play Commission
Directed by Rebecca Holderness
with development from The Battery Factory and Spooky Action Theatre

Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail + Biking Cross-Country (Summer 2015)
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In the News:

Review of "Love is a Horse[...]" - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, September 2013

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GO MILK YOURSELF (2014) 7" Split:

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Festival Coverage:
Shepherd Express Arte Para Todos Review 2015
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Ladies Rock Preview 2015

Upcoming Full Length LP 2016